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Binary clock :)! Any one familiar with binary counters?

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Ok, I finally figured out how to do my clock..., I think.

This is what I came up with:

I have a few concerns....
First, does anyone see any problems with it?
Second, please take a closer look at how and when it is reseting. Will it work that way?
Third, I need a 6-Bit Binary Counter, that will work with this circuit, any numbers?

And please, any comments or questions, are appreciated!

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Hi Bobleny

Intead of asking whether someone is familiar with binary-- just think-- what heading you have designed-- i appeciate that you may perhaps be arning now--

coming to check-- i suugest that you try to breadboard it and have first hand experience-- or simulate on a softwaRE AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS- LIST YOUR PROBLEMS AND THEN SOME ONE CAN TRY HELP YOU REVISE THE DESIGN-- IT IS A PROCESS MY DEAR-- GOT THRO'.
However you have not defined the displays and their MAX value. Shall I imagine that LSD as seconds,with max of 9, next one is seconds(tens) with 5 as upper limit, and the MSD is units minutes with 9 as upper limit ??


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The only reason I have yet to build this is because I don't know any 6Bit binary counters. When I looked it up online I got a whole lotta nothing. So, either they don't make 6Bit binary counters and a lot of people want them or they do make them. I don't know much about ICs, which makes it difficult to find any chip. I don't know what a 12 stage binary counter is? I found lots of stage binary counters... Thats why I was hoping someone with knowledge of binary counters, or ICs in general could help me find something applicable. It doesn't have to be a 6bit counter but it would be preferred.

P.S. What on earth is, "arning"?????

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Hi Bob,
In "the good old days", chips for making a clock were available. Now a clock is so cheap that the chips aren't sold anymore.
I also couldn't find a 6-bit binary Cmos counter IC. Ripple counters with many stages are available but cannot have their outputs gated together for decoding like you want.

For decoding the outputs with a gate, a syncronous counter is needed. You are already using a syncronous 4-bit counter IC, the 4520, which has two 4-bit counters inside. So just cascade two of the counters with a 3-input AND gate that decodes count "15" and use its output to Enable the 2nd counter part. Then the 4520 is a syncronous 8-bit counter and you can use 6-bits and decode it with a gate like you want.

Look in Google for Binary Clock Circuit. Many of them are there.

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