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Hi people,

I'm a newbie in electronics, I don't know how to read a schematic for a pcb or an electronics map, with all it's components and understand what I'm looking at...

Could someone point me out to some good books for newbies ?

Something that covers the following topics:
- PCBs: Schematics, Creating (home), Reading, Understanding, etc...
- Understanding Basic Electronics components and what they do...
- Soldering and De-Soldering electronic components on pcb's: ic's, smd's, etc...

I work alot with fixing computers and I also get alot of schematics for pc interfaces, so I could really use the knowledge...

Thanks for the help !

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how can i start i only know some theories in electronics how can i relate that to the actual ones with hands on resistor or any other devices!! pls help me

Hi, Don't ask questions -- just follow the advises already offered. if i were to be in you position ( abt me - a 61+ retired telecom engineer, still consider myself a dummy and want to learn a lot ) i would have finished a book or two by now. take any faulty board- afforda multimeter and a soldering kit - may be burn your hand --WARNING -- WITH CAUTION---  you will comeout ina month's time-- as you said already goof at fixing PCs -- just GO AHEAD- don't re think. all the best 

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