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T.V ( No display )


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In most cases no picture means lack of high voltage to the CRT (picture tube). It is strange that you can still hear sound because in general the auxiliary windings on the EHT transformer power some of these circuits. Make sure there is high voltage to the tube by placing your hand on the tube face while switching the TV on and off. You should feel some static electricity. Also look for any sign of a flash on the screen when switching off in a darkened room. If any is present you have some high voltage to the tube. Another thing that may cause no picture is some sets is no focus voltage. You need a diagram to investigate this.

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something similar happened on a old CRT TV i had a long time ago. I used it for about 4 years, then the picture went all crazy. For 1 week, the picture would be displayed for some thme (about 30 secs), then the screen was off ( blank ) for about 30 secs. Finally, the screen just went all blank. While this was happening, the sound was alright. Now, the TV is taken apart by me, I salvaged a lot of parts from it :)
I have no clue why this happens? anyone knows what might cause this?

I also have a old computer, and there's a problem with the CRT moniter's display. Most of the time, the screen is stretched , the  left + right part of the screen would  be cut-off. A pin was missing from the VGA connecter, but the funny thing about this is 80% of the time when I press hard on the sides, or top of the moniter or just bang it,  the screen on the moniter would fit the screen and not be stretched for a few seconds, to a few minutes. Now its just abandoned.

Weird, if anyone knows why this happened, its appreciated

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My Sony TV went dead. People told me that the copyright is strong and I won't get a service manual.
I entered the model number in Google and found the service manual download for free and forums where guys talk about fixing the same problem.

I found places on the web selling cheap repair kits for the problem but since they might be bad Chinese copies I bought the parts directly from Sony.

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