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How to transmit music from PC to music system wirelessly...??

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The Micromitter FM stereo transmitter circuit is used by many manufacturers of MP3 to car radio converters and they work very well. The Micromitter has an attenuator on its output to reduce its range to be legal in Australia. It is easy to remove the attenuator. Here are some links:

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thnx for ur replies guys.....
Audioguru ive already chkd it but the problem is im in India and that chip is not available here....even after a lot of search i cudnt find any other chip which transmits stereo Fm.....
Can u tell me if theres any other chip available or a circuit that  i can make which can transmit stereo FM..??

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The BH1417 first came out in about 2001 or 2002 to replace the BA1404 that worked very poorly. There are still many kits available that have the old BA1404.

Buy an MP3 to car radio transmitter. I have seen them in stores and they are not expensive. The good ones use a BH1417 IC and have the DIP switches to select an RF frequency.

Move to a country that has anything you need.

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Hi chi_visor, where do you put up in INDIA? I also live in INDIA. i'm putting up in New Delhi. As audioguru suggested it would be better to buy a MP3 to radio transmitter. i got one for myself from Lajpat Rai Market for Rs450/-. it uses a single  AAA cell for the power supply and has a stereo pin as the input. just plug it in the headphones jack of your PC or any other player and you have 4 different frequency setting to chose the transmitter frequency. just tune in your music system's tuner at FM band to the frequency and enjoy the music. i checked it and it transmits in stereo. I opened it to check the components and it used just 2 ICs from NJRC (don't remember the numbers now). its the most simple way to connect and MP3 player to any system. by the way i got this from a car audio dealer, great to hear MP3 music on your old car audio.... ;D

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They do get caught, more quickly if they cause interference or there's a complaint. On the FCC page there is a massive list of all the instances of people caught or warned.
Ramsey was also fined many $1000's for selling high power (1W) transmitters. The FCC seems not to worry about their 25mW (FM25B)version.

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Hi AN920,
In your list of FCC violations:
1) A tow truck company moved and didn't tell the FCC. Their new location caused interference with a competitor's radio system.
2) A TV station was caught with the top red light on their tall antenna burned out.

Somebody on one of these forms built my FM transmitter circuit and reported seeing the van with the "TV" antenna on top slowly going down his street the day after he tested his transmitter. He nearly got caught.

When I was young the Feds caught me with a badly sparking fan. We had a nice chat then the people who complained about TV interference bought me a new fan. ;D

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