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Input to the Parallel port


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I used c++/vc++ and took outputs from the data pins of the parallel port(pin2-pin9) but the problem remains when i want to send a signal to the parallel port.

Some web sites say that the data pins are bidirectional, but then again they say that input has to be through the status pins.

but my problem remains with the fact that i cannot use the built in function in c inport/inportb to send a bit to the parallel port

this is what i tried to do.

use a switch which gives a 5v when turned on. i connected the switch to pin 2 of the parallel port n wrote a program in turbo c. but i was totally lost.

Could someone please give me a solution/suggestion in the most layman's term how to send a bit/signal to the parallel port. :'(

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It also depends upon which operating system you are using. Newer operating systems like XP are not as easy to do this for security reasons.
I think someone posted a copy of Parallel Port Complete in the Resources forum of this site. Download it. It should cure your problem since it has snippets of sample code to accomplish what you are trying to do.


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