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Tube lights (fluorescent lights?) and fans usually don't need a sine-wave. A simple square-wave circuit is much easier to make than a sine-wave circuit.

An inverter generates fairly high voltage AC from a battery.
A UPS charges its battery, generates AC the same as an inverter and either runs all the time or switches itself on very quickly so its load isn't affected when the mains fails.

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For fans and tubelights, do the inverter with 4047 suit?

Our Low Cost 500W Inverter project was modified 2 years ago and works very well in The Philippines driving tube lights, fans and multi-voltage TVs. But it was recently changed and might blow up.

Do we need a special transformer for square wave (by 4047)? or the would normal be sufficient?

Normal? Have you ever seen a 230V/12V/50A transformer? Made for a welding machine or something that uses such a high current. If you can find one then it will be fine in a good square-wave inverter circuit.
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