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Spilled beer on roland vs-1680, any suggestions??

Louis West

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hey folks im a newbie here, a friend advised me to ask for advice on this website about what to do with a roland vs-1680 digital studio workstation that i spilled a bottle of heiniken over! when i turn it on it starts going beserk, buttons flashing all over the place and it records and plays songs spontaneously... none of the buttons work... im going crazy!

any advice would be really appreciated!

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The best way to deal with this is to Disconnect power. Then get some Electronic Cleaner from Radio Shack and open it up and spray every Button and Switch. Also the circuit board. (NEVER USE WD40 !!! IT WILL MELT THE CARBON ON THE VARIABLE RESISTORS!)
Then use a Blow Dryer and dry everything out real good.
Wait about 8 hours before you plug it back in so everything can dry real good.

If this does not work we may need to dig deeper for solutions.

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I usually rinse the boards and components with water, too. But watch out that you get any detergent completely off, if you use it. If left on the electronics, it could attract dust accumulation, which can cause arcing and shorts later on down the road. Also, a little compressed air will help dry out the water that stays under the chips. Otherwise, you could need a few days of drying time.


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