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IC upside down?


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Doing basic beginners kit, going great, lots of fun.  Beginner's kit, beginner's mistakes.

I put in a 16 pin IC "Chip" i guesss, is it a chip?  upside down.  Is this a problem?  It is notched to go a certain way, but all I see are metal points.  Damn, I see integrated circuit, so it's all messed up.  So... I can't get the solder braid working to take off all my solder, and I don't have a solder pump, and I really wanna finish this.  Can I leave it?  I did discover that wrenching at it with pliers won't get it out.  Dios Mio!  Can anyone help?

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Hello charcoaldabs2

  Sounds like you did good with the heat gun. My first time I tried to recyle parts from printer boards I tried using a propaine torch. Not a good idea, by the time I got done there wasn't much to do but get a garbage bag out.
    Now I use a soldering iron with a sucker pump on it, Got that at radio shack, works great on ic's and only cost about 15 bucks. Spring loaded solder suckers work but not very fast.
                                                                  have fun

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