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GSM signal sensor

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I want to try to design a circuit to mute/pause my Ipod when my cell phone is either ringing og recieves an SMS.  I have a fairly good idea of how to achieve the muting/pausing of the Ipod.  But I'm at a loss on how to detect the GSM signal.  Can anyone help me with this?

Just to specify:  I'm not after decoding the information in the GSM signal.  I just want to detect that my phone recieves a call or an SMS, so I can use this to trigger a reaction in a PIC program.

I've seen stickers and "jewlery" sold in stores, that has a LED that blinks when the cell phone is transmitting.  So I gather there's some kind of antenna in the sticker, and that the cell phone signal from the phone induces enough energy for the LED to blink.  I was thinking about just buying such a sticker, and start dissecting it with my sledge hammer and pickaxe. ;D

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