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Choosing Loud Speaker

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Hi Shahriar,
Everybody has a different definition of "high quality" sound.

Some people have "tin" ears and can't hear low frequencies or can't hear high frequencies of can't hear distortion. Usually these people are not musical or are not interested in music.

Other people hear everything and their speakers must reproduce sounds exactly like they are made live.

I have made pretty good speakers but the parts aren't made anymore. Parts that I would use are not available to you in your country. So it is difficult for you to select parts and plans to make speakers. Of course the enclosure and crossover network must match the speaker parts. A few American speaker stores have some good plans.

When I buy speakers for myself or for others, we listen to expensive but plain-looking finished speakers to determine the type of sound we like. Then we select a model that sounds about the same but it costs less.

I like value when I buy speakers. I want them to sound nearly like ones that cost double the price. But if the cost is cut in half then the quality sounds much worse.

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I want to build a Big, High quality Loud Speaker But I do not Know how to choose a high quality speaker for it.
I mean How can I determine if a speaker is good or not?

Choose it by model? (JVC, Pioneer, ...)
choosing by magnet?
choosing by diaphragm meterial?


ThanX in advance

The specifications of the speaker are part of it. However, the design of the box is also very important. Also, it must work well with the signal you are putting into it. All of this is calculated into the design by the system professional. You might want to start from a kit as Sasi has mentioned. Otherwise, you should spend considerable time researching this subject. There are tutorials and books that can help you. Kits are a great hands-on tutorial, and many kits will give you a lot of background data that tells you how the specifications were calculated.

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