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Fiber Optics

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My first fibre optics project was a StarTrek model called the Enterprise Insident with one Enterprise and two Romulan ships. It was TINY and needed a lot of shaping and fixing, but the result was great! My next project is a model of Deep Space 9 (DS9) with over a thousand tiny fibre optics windows.

From an electronics point of view, the models are pretty simple since most of the components are already in place on the PCB, but it made me consider putting together my own lightings in other models as well, I just haven't done any yet.

A cheap supply of fibre optic fibre can be found in Christmas decorations. Much cheaper than buying it "fresh".

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What sort of project are you looking to do?

Fibre optics is just a way of carrying information, so the possibilities are endless really. You could try and build something that transmits music from your stereo to another room in your house, for example. Or you could try and send information down a fibreoptic cable from your computer.

Telephone signals are carried by fibreoptics over long distances, so a telephone that used a fibreoptic cable instead of a normal copper wire lead would be pretty cool. A bit pointless, but cool.

Is the project for any particular purpose (school, college?) or are you just looking to have fun?

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Correct me if I'm wrong but it doesn't sound anything to do with electronics or communications.  ???

A lot of the toy companies are using fiber optics to transmit light. It is not the same as communications. They need no precision. Just needs the light to transmit through the fiber optic to the other end.


EDIT: meaning visible light for visual effects
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Fibre optics always transmits light, it's just a question of what kind of light you pass through the fibre and what happens to it at the other end.

My experience so far has to do with lights in models, and on a more theoretic basis; fibre optic high speed data transfer (broadband).

The principle is simple - send a wave of light in at one end of the fibre, and it comes out almost unchanged in the other.

I can think of some uses that involves light and photo sensitive switches, but I haven't looked into that part very much.

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