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RS-232 Laser Transceiver Project


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In regard to the RS-232 Laser Transceiver:

I plan to use one of the small (toy like) laser pointers that are available that run
on 2 or 3 button style (LR44) batteries.  Will I need to make any modifications to
utilize this type of pointer?

Also,  can someone please give me some examples of TTL type signals that would
be useful?  I have an idea of what TTL signals are, but which ones actually are...

I would definitely like to use this type of circuit for audio applications.  Would I need
to make any mods for use with a S/PDIF data stream?  This project would be great
for sending digital audio signals from one end to another in a crowded bar!  No wires for anyone to trip over!!  Of course, if there are any other audio applications for this circuit, I would be very much interested!!

Any ideas/suggestions/help would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance!!

P.S.  I would also like to know where I can find the software for the laser project.  The link
in the article send me to one for an IR project. 

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Laser tranceiver itself doesn't need any special programs. It works like an ordinary nullmodem cable. S/PDIF transmitter could be done by using only few transistors and requires no IC's. Toy laser pointers is propably the best choice for testing these projects, because those are cheap and easy to get. Main problem might be slew rates of those cheap laser diodes and other electronics within. My old toy pointer worked flawlessly (3* LR44 cells) with direct 5 volts signal.

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