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The TL072 dual opamp comes in an 8 pins DIP package, not 9 pins and not SIP.

I have used thousands of TL072 opamps but i have never heard of anTL072S. Maybe the "S"version is the one that Toshiba copied but made a mistake and they all oscillated.
Maybe the "S" version is the one that Toshiba fixed.

The TL072 dual opamp has the same pinout as thousands of other dual opamps. Simply look at its datasheet.

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;D Hey Thanks John...
I will try the pinout for the 1529(nte). I could not get a cross with this number, but I will give it a try...
and let you (everyone ) know if it works...By the way Guru the IC is made by Raytheon. I have a stack of data sheets for the usual tl072, but not a mention of a nine pin sip...The closest that I can figure is the nte1529...I hope this works ???

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Many Thanks John...
I came across a bunch of these...(TL072S)s, Made by Raytheon. I was going to chuck them because I couldnt find ANY DATA on the 9 pin SIP version...Once again I thank you for finding the needle in the haystack...The (TL072S)s thank you for saving them from the round file...

                                                                                                  ;D ;D ;D,

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