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500W sine wave inverter design

hell boy

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Hi I am new to this forum so please tell me if this is in the wrong place.
I would like to build a 12v dc - 230v ac sine wave inverter capable of proving 500W
of power into various loads including Florescent lights and power tools. short circuit protection and battry low cut off would be nice but not essential.
Any help would be appreciated and schematics and pcb's are welcomed thanks inadvance Hell Boy

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It is complicated to make a 500W sine-wave inverter that doesn't burn up. Most inverters that are sold make a simple square-wave and they don't get too hot.
We have one in our Projects section:

It uses a Cmos oscillator IC, two quad opamp ICs and a few transistors.

A modified one was used in The Philippines for fluorescent lights and multi-voltage TVs.
It worked perfectly.
Please let us know if this one works.

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A car battery works poorly when it is cold but it has the ability to deliver hundreds of Amps to a starter motor when the oil in an engine is very thick due to the cold.

When it is at room temperature a fully charged car battery can supply 50A easily for about 1 hour. Maybe car batteries are much bigger in my part of the world than yours.

If two car batteries are connected in parallel then they can supply 50A for about 2.5 hours.
If the batteries are in series then the inverter needs to be completely re-designed.

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I am sure that you can not supply 50A from one 12V, 50A/h accumulators, for 1 hour.
Yes, starter motor comsumes hundreds Amps, but for seconds, maybe minutes.

The car batteries over here for the big cars must be bigger and more powerful than your little skooter batteries over there. I have never seen a car battery with a capacity as low as only 50Ah.
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A tiny Seat (a Fiat made in Spain?) Ibiza is a little scooter with 4 wheels, isn't it? 3 wheels?
A little 35Ah battery is for an electric toothbrush, isn't it?
[move] ;D ;D ;D  ;D ;D ;D  ;D ;D ;D  ;D ;D ;D  ;D ;D ;D  ;D ;D ;D  ;D ;D ;D  ;D ;D ;D  ;D ;D ;D  ;D ;D ;D  ;D ;D ;D  ;D ;D ;D  ;D ;D ;D  ;D ;D ;D  ;D ;D ;D  ;D ;D ;D  ;D ;D ;D  ;D ;D ;D  ;D ;D ;D  ;D ;D ;D  ;D ;D ;D  ;D ;D ;D  ;D ;D ;D  ;D ;D ;D  [/move]

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