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Electrostatic generator?


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Sorry if this is not the right place... I totally don't know where to put this. It is a mixed idea and question as I'm no expert in this field., Ok, so:

1. I have seen electrostatic generators claiming to generate lots of power (van de Graaf) The thing is this we can only get big sparks and stuff out of it. And electrostatic energy is still not useful in daily applications.

2. If you connect the cables of the multimeter to a wire turned all over into circles, you got no power. But if you approach a magnet, it measures some volts... or minivolts. Ok, try the same with something chaged with electrostatic energy.

3. I tried that and approaching something charged and the multimeter showed some minivolts...

Any ideas in using a Van de Graaf and this method to convert that energy into something more coherent? sorry, it sounds stupid, but try it... I had to get out of doubts.

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