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hmm..ok, i have refined the concept a little,
i need the power supply to accomodate an lcd(consumes about 250ma). The input must be a 9v battery, and it must produce an output of 5v. what should i use to build this supply? could i use this: http://www.maplin.co.uk/module.aspx?detail=full&ModuleNo=46321&doy=20m2#more_info

if so, what caps/other components do i use with it? a circuit diagram would be nice.

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What kind of LCD display consumes 250ma? It must have a very bright light in it.
A little 9V alkaline battery can supply 250mA for only a short amount of time. The low dropout 5V regulator will work fine for a little more than one hour.

The circuit diagram for the low dropout 5V regulator is in its datasheet that is in your Maplin link. Use two tantalum capacitors as shown.

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