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Simple serial to IrDa


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Hi, hope this is the right place to ask for advice.

I use a GPS with my pocket pc via serial cable. It is a simple connection with only 3 cables. Now I moved to a Palm Tungsten T|X. By the documentation it seems the serial wiring is not that simple and not really a standard serial connection, risking my gps and my palm.

So, Palms have a Infrared port.  It comes to my mind to send the serial signals form the GPS via serial-infrared. I found this  http://iguanaworks.net/ir/serial/ and the page states it is designed to work with THAT software... not like a standard serial to infrared.

Is there any simple way one can convert the 3 cable connection to Irda? Its only involved the RX,  TX and Ground wires. No handshaking needed.

I found some serial to IRda on the web but I don't know if they need all the pins to work (power and so). The GPS has only 4 pins, 3 are used to send data only.

any advice?

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