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Question for Electrician or Some1 that knows


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hi i was wondering if a qualified electrician or someone that really
knows their stuff could help me - i have some 12volt security camera's
that did run fine on a 12volt 2amp regulated power supply, now the other
day a security camera installer tried to set them up without my 12volt power supply and instead he put a 15 volt 1 amp power supply on the camera's and they didn't work, now when i put them on the proper 12 volt 2 amp power supply it sparks and the camera doesn't show any picture or work at all... Now has this security camera installer blown my camera's by putting too much voltage through them or what?

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That's a good question. I wouldn't have thought that only 3 volts over would've hurt them, but it is possible. A good question at this point is what is the actual, not the rated, output of each power supply? Since you're 12v supply is regulated, it will put out 12v. If the 15v supply isn't regulated, it could be putting out as much as 20v open circuit. Also, what "type" of current is the camera rated for? If it's intended for an AC input, and DC was applied, or vice-versa, it may very well have damaged it.

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