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OPA2134 Vs NE5532

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I am building a 3-way active cross over circuit. the design is based on opa2134 Dual OpAmp Which has a THD=0.00008% but in my area I can't find OPA2134. I want to use NE5532 instead.
But I couldn't find anything about NE5532 THD in Datasheet. Does anybody know how much is NE5532 THD.

ThanX in advance

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Hi Shahriar,
Here is a site with many audio opamps tested for distortion with different loads. The author's test equipmet can measure down to "only" about 0.005% distortion so most opamps test about the same.

The old 741 opamp is shown to have terrible distortion at high audio frequencies. Some of the opamps like the TL072 have increased distortion when their output is overloaded.


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