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AudioGURU and others... help me!!!!


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Hi audioguru!!

I am really interasted to pursue a career in designing end developing circuits. As an ECE graduate, I have basic knowledges regarding electronics and the components. My problem that I want consult you is my problem in designing and developing circuits, like for example, timers, counters, amplifiers, using an LCD, and much much more... I know electronics is some kind of big big world, but I know I can be in my ambition to be like you as an electronics guru in the near future.
Audioguru, can you please advice me on how I can effectively design and develop a circuit of my own.
I will attach here a circuit, specifically "Electronics scoring game", can you please help me to know how to come up with this design. What I mean is knowing why they place a certain resistor in its poisition, capacitors, ICs and switches, thinking that there is no existing circuit like this and you will going to design a circuit of thison your own. How did they put or come up with the values of its component?
what are the computations? what are the best steps to come up with the design of your own?
I hope you will share me your greatness. Thank you. God bless.


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I have seen that you've used 555 timer and this circuit is a basic up and down counter I believe. In my school we used atmel 2051 to design down and up counters, timers and etc. or combination. We also used a decoder 74ls47 in our design, but our project is kinda expensive because a we bought the micro controller for $ 8.

Try to find designs in the internet.  :)


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You need to learn about the details of electronics and about the parts that are used in circuits to be able to design circuits.

There are tutorials in our Articles section and on the internet about what each part in a 555 oscillator does. The datasheet also explains about what each part does and has graphs and formulas.

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hi again audioguru!!

I have already sighted the article section. Thanks! it is definitely a big help,.. hahaha, Im going back to school again.. I have not been reading nor been in the environment for a year and a half that's why I almost forgot my lessons back from my school years.. I may ask you again some expert's advices in the near future.. hehehe.. anyway, thanks again!!!


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