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could any one explaine to me

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hi every body

befor one week i see machine to clean the gold it consists of stanlesstel tank

inside it water and heter to heat the water and powder cleaners when the man

make it ON its start work and the gold become very clean and and he said it work

by ULTRASONIC I know how can generate ULTRASONIC but i dont know what

the devise to change the frequancy to mecanical waves effect in the water and

make it vibration its good if the answere containe a circuits  

thanks and sorry for the long post

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A piezo transducer is a ceramic disc with a thin metal layer on each side. It bends when electricity is placed across it. If an ultrasonic signal with a frequency close to its resonant frequency is placed across it then it vibrates strongly.

Look in Google for Piezo Theory. 

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