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i want to build an smps flyback power supply.i found information about flyback topology but i can't find a formula to calculate the transfomer.the only i found is that n1/n2 but if i make 3 turns for primary i think that is going to blow the mosfet. it must be a formula that have frequency L of primary and voltage.also i would like to ask if there is a simulator program for smps.

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There are many factors to consider. What is the input voltage? What is the output voltage? How much current? Voltage mode or current mode? Continious or discontinious?

Flyback transformers aren't transformers at all, they are coupled inductors. The number of turns is inversely proportional to flux density. 3 turns could work if you have the right core cross section, gap and core material. I haven't calculated one "manually" in while, let me do some digging.

I can tell you that all that everything your looking for can be derived from

P=1/2 * L* I^2*F   and   E=L* di/dt

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