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Lets make our printer wireless !

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Friends, A impressive idea came in my mind. We already familiar with blutooth wireless printer. But the old printer does not support it. Now lets make our parallel printer wireless. As it will be difficult for using rf so first consider it using infra led. if we suceed then w 8)e can switch to rf.

So the point is we have to make 2 ckts. THe transmitter & receiver. first we have to convert the parallel port digital data in analog signal and transmit it through infra led and there will be another ckt which will receive the signal and convert back to digital at the printer. So what do u think ?

I know there are many many talents in this forum and if we suceed it can be a great project an we can make our old parallel printer wireless like todays printer. Wow!........ :o 8) 8)

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I have considered this in the past. Using IR is interesting, but probably quite complicated. To get full functionality, you'll need to buffer whatever data the computer sends, send it one bit at a time via IR, plus any status bits. You'll then need to re-compile those bits into a parallel stream and send it to the printer, at the same time dealing with any stauts bits the printer can output.

I'd say it's more than possible, but the IR bit is probably quite simple compared to getting the data conversions done.

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