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I am trying to build a wireless switch using a 2.4Ghz transceiver.
The receiver will turn on a LED when the transmitter sends an on signal, and off when it sends an off signal.
It is critical that the transmitter has a long battery life, and that is why I want to send an on signal and then an off signal, rather than a continual on signal.
I have two questions
1. How do I wire the switch to the transceiver so that only a short pulse is sent when the switch is flipped?
2.How do I maintain a lit LED when the on pulse is sent and then turn it off when the off pulse is sent.

I have an electrical engineering back ground and should be able to figure this out, but  after a few days of brainstorming I thought I'd ask some advice.
Thank you for any light you can shed

The specific transceiver I'm trying to use can be found at

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