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Please provide "Art-Work" or PCB Design Software.

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What is artwork?
(Is it same as PCB designing?)

Which is the best freely available software on internet for pcb design / art work? Even a trial version (that'll work for few days) will do ... but it must have sufficient utilities.

Also which is easy to learn and use in shortest possible time for a "dummy" , and which one would you suggest for a reeeal scholar ?  ::)

Please help me in anyway u can   ;D

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Eagle is a pretty popular choice. It has an auto router built into it.
There is a free version for hobbyists and student use. It won't expire and it is only limited to board size and number of pages for a schematic.
Here is a link on our site to various PCB software packages including Eagle:


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Actually, the newer cad programs are way beyond that. With error reporting, air wires, erc, drc and netlists, those of us who started with tape on vellum are seeing a completely new world. You don't have to know how to manually route a board any more. At least not for a hobbyist board. Just follow the prompts and warnings in the software.


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Proteus is unbelievable, supports PCB auto placement and routing (the auto routing tool is a shear dream, and can be configured too auto route in different ways)

ISIS(part of Proteus) allows you too build the circuit and test your PIC/AVR/other programmable device in near real time in a complete virtual sim environment, you can throw in virtual instruments from DC volt meters to oscilloscopes too Virtual Terminals To test your circuit/design.

Then Click "Ares" and choose the PCB packages for the components you have used, click auto place and auto route - done!

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re: Eagle
It should, unless they have recently changed something.  When in the board layout screen, look for TOOLS, then submenu item AUTO on the bar at the top. You have the option to choose the direction of the traces for top and bottom or to only route on top or bottom.


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Aniruddha may appreciate that auto routing is NOT that effective unless the placement is opimum and the the software is really a wothy type. But again such items are obviouly priced HIGH and perhaps only High volue users and Idustries only can afford.

One must accept that there is nothing to beat HUMAN BRAIN.

Asd such we should leave the dream for auto routing (efective)  be done with semi auto and manual methods.

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