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Op-amp recommendation?


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Thanks for the reply AudiGuru. 

I'm in the USA, but quite willing to mail-order internationally if you know of something.  Need DIP as this is a home-project and kinda hard to solder surf-mount (might do it if I have to though).  I realize it may not be available, but if one exists the mfg'r can count on a big sale of about 10 devices here! 


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Hi Mark,
I use "ordinary" opamps. They aren't rail-to-rail but almost.
The MC3317x and MC3407x have a supply voltage down to 3V, an output that goes down to ground and have a much wider bandwidth and much lower distortion than the old LM324 quad and LM358 dual opamps.

I have some MC33172 dual opamps in a DIL package but only surface-mount ones are available today.

I use TL07x and OPA2134 opamps for audio.

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