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My Physics teacher's toy...

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[glow=green,2,300]I apologize for my utter lack of knowledge on the subject, because this will be a simple description.  Later I'll be able to grab my notes on it and give everyone more information.

A cord that plugs into the wall

A light switch
A spool of wire (will edit with details on wire later)
A 20v light
PVC pipe (size determined by center of spool, should fit snuggly)
Metal coat hangers (enough to fill pvc pipe)
Something to cut the hangers (want them the right size)
An aluminum ring (you can shoot it around with this toy)

Well... until I get my notes on it, that's all I have for now, however, I can tell you what it does.  If you set the ring on it, when you turn it on, it'll shoot the ring.  Should you choose to hold the ring, it will warm up... the closer to the spool, the quicker it will heat (it will get hot).  You make a ring with wire and attach the light to it, and the closer you get to the spool, the brighter it will glow.    I apologize if this device is already up here.  Feel free to add feedback to help improve this device.  [/glow]

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