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Question about voltage.


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[glow=green,2,300]Say I have a 9v battery, and I have a wire hooked up to it.  If I split that wire into two more wires later on, and then those two into two more wires, will there be 9v at the end of each wire, or will it be 2.25v at the end of each?  I'm sorry my questions are such elementary ones, but I just got an interest in electricity a day or two ago, and I know NOTHING on the subject.  Thanks for all your help.[/glow]

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Wires connected to other wires don't discharge a battery. The voltage of the battery will remain the same because no energy is taken from it. A load connected across the terminals of a battery will discharge it and take energy from it.

If a wire from one terminal of the battery touches a wire from the other terminal of the battery then it is a short circuit and the battery will be quickly discharged.

A load for a battery is usually a light bulb or an electric motor.

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