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How to make professional ebay listings ?? HTML


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I struggled with this one. I spent countless hours learning how to use HTML codes to make nice listings. HTML allows you to create profession looking listings as well as add pictures, moving animations, logos, videos, and more into the description without the extra ebay fees. I bought a program which does this automatically and had a heart attack. All those hours of learning this stuff and there was a software which does it for me. So, i bought it. However there was several other things to know about it. I did not know I had to host these images onlines to get them to work. I did not know many of the tricks used to tweak this program. So i went to a seller who offered the same program with 1 month free tech support. I paid about $25 dollars more for the same program but this guys took care of me. He helped me tweak my listings for more bids, he told what would be the best time to sell my items, he helped me open a EBAY store, he even made me a sweet logo for my store for $30. Well anyways anyone struggling with trying to sell and look professional doing it you need to check this guy out. The $25 he charge me is nothing compared to the hours I spent researching all of this stuff. I don't know about you but my time is worth more than that. I am now a powerseller and I still keep up my support with him for his advice. Well worth the price. Here is a link to his store. Hopefully he is still selling the HTML program with 1 month support.       


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