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MNA question about amplifier


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Have a look at the amplifier circuit shown

I want to know your views about it..... if u find any mistake in it, do point it.....

one stage to be mosfet was the requirement, so i have used the mosfet as voltage amplifier and then connected it to the power amplifier......

Thanx for any help

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The LM380 has a voltage gain of 50, so the max output from the Mosfet is only 180mV p-p. Then the supply for the Mosfet doesn't need to be 24V and the negative supply is not needed.

The Mosfet operates on an extremely low current. Its drain resistor's value is so high that it is loaded down by the 20k volume control.

The 102k resistor should be removed.

I would probably make it like this:

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