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SMPS question...


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Hi all,

My backgroud is polymer electronics mainly, but I'm looking into designing a power supply to run one of my devices from mains.

My knowledge in this is rather limited - so apologies in advance!

The specs for what I want are;

Mains voltage input,
5-10 V dc output @ 100-300 mA,
Efficient as possible,
Compact as possible.

I've been searching the web for suitable designs, but have had no luck so far. Does anyone know if I can make such a supply? Ideally switch mode (I've been told that helps efficiency) and if posible, can it be done without transformer? I only ask this as the size of it would be an issue.

Any help would be greatly appriciated!

Many thanks,


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Go to an electronics surplus parts store.
I bought some name-brand SMPS 5V/2A tiny and lightweight power supplies that were made by a computer router manufacturer for $2.50CAN each including taxes. Their voltage regulation is very good and their high frequency ripple is low.
I have some similar very small SMPS that were made for charging cell phones. 

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No!!! A DC-DC converter has a DC primary. You've never heard of a "off-line switcher"? It's still a DC-DC converter on the back end with a AC-DC front end. What do you think the power supply in your computer is??

perhaps one may not call it smps, but Triac (primary comtolled) AC-DCconvertes are not unpopular. may be the type of technology was used for battery charging.

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