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PH meter


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I checked digi key for part LM4040D1Z-2.5but they have no listing for it is there some thing that could be substituted for it

Also the resistors that are listef for sale do not match those asked for by the schematic what does one do for this situation choose the closest one to it or is there a different solution.
Thank you

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Digikey has thousands of LM4040 2.5V reference ICs in stock. In different packages and from different manufacturers. Enter LM4040 in a search then enter 2.5V.

Didn't you see the entire pH meter project on the datasheet for the LMC6001 IC? It tells you all about pH and why R1 is a temperature compensating resistor. I don't know where to get R1.
The datasheet also tells you how to setup and calibrate the circuit.

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