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Build your own jukebox

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Hi All,

Just looking for some help.

I have an idea to build a party jukebox to run a pair of party speakers (100 - 120 W). The idea is to build it using a 6 - 10 stacker CD running into a pre/power amp. I'm not looking for stereo or hi-fi, just volume. The idea is to be able to party in a shed, hall, etc.

Being a novice in this field, I am stuck on how people select the next song to be played. My idea is to have the unit playing random tracks from the CD's, but be able to have people go up and select particular songs. I was thinking that you would need to be able to store 4-5 song selections after which the unit would go back into random mode.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to look for info on how I can do this?

Thanks  :)

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Thanks 'Guru and Ante,

I agree, a jukebox should be filled with vinyl, but it is not what I am aiming for. I also understand how easy it would be to load up a computer with music and have it play.

My reasoning behind this project is this...

I live in a rural area and am looking at offering some sort of party hire to the locals. The idea is that they have the opportunity of loading up the unit with their own music. I have received feedback saying that the 'older generation' (50+) don't like the selections currently available on todays modern 'jukeboxes'. If I am able to offer them a unit where they can select their own music prior to the party (MP3 or otherwise)...

My problem isn't with how the music is played, but how people can select their own songs and have them stored in a memory to play sequentially and then go into a random mode.

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this might interest you:

DOSCab/WinCab Jukebox is an MP3 and OGG Vorbis player, designed for use in DOS or Windows based MAME cabinets or as a standalone home jukebox. It is designed to operate as a true jukebox, and not a media player. It is a complete jukebox construction set which can be completely re-skinned and controlled via keyboard, keyboard encoder, gamepad, mouse, or touchscreen.


for the dos version, you will need an soundblaster compatible sound card.

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checkout the links to other jukebox players at the bottom of celamantia's page.

celamantia's support forum is located here:


there is another audio player for dos that is worth mentioning:


this one is geared towards turning old pc's into a dedicated audio player, as it can use a 4-line lcd display thru the lpt port.

good luck with your project. feel free to pm me.

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