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transmitting digital logic signals through a radio frequency


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    I am working on a project that requires me to transmit digital signals over a radio frequency , i am not using anything high tech in fact i don't even have a microcontroller or anything like that so i can't use standard RF modules which ask for address bus and stuff like that i want something that is compact , cheap and easily available that will operate on the 433 MHZ but any other thing is also fine i might have to transmit only a few bits from some gate IC's to the receiving end ( SIMPLEX transmission ) .

Any ideas concerning this ....?

Thanks in advance

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It's easy with one of the newer transmit and receive chips such as the Linx technology chips.
You can check out the Linx website or find equivalent chips at
rfdigital at:

Here is also an example of using one of the Linx sets:


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