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transistor off


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your right, i have it hooked up right on the board but wrong in the schematic, funny thing it works fine in the sim then when i put it right i got a jagged wave!!! so i got rid of the 317 and put a more flexable current regulator in, tell me what you think.

still have to build this one but i must go to bed.

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hi Elix,
Your new current regulator looks like it will pull the drain of the Mosfet to ground. I have fixed it and show another one.

Please start again:
1) Your opamp is the wrong one (it oscillates at low gain). Its circuit has a high signal loss.
The opamp does nothing good in your circuit and can be removed.
2) The Mosfet does not have automatic bias voltage control.
3) The Mosfet has a very high output impedance. Amplifiers usually have a very low output impedance to damp resonances in speakers.

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i'll try and figure out a way to lower the impendance. some heat wasted is ok, i only need 1 watt from each channel and the mosfet bias will come from the op-amp.


to lower the impendance don't i have to raise the current or can it be done a simple circuit, i'm trying to keep a class a single ended mosfet. (gotta learn  :P)

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I connected the Mosfet as a source-follower that has a low output impedance.

I used AC negative feedback to reduce distortion, to control the gain and to make the output impedance even lower.

I used DC negative feedback to control the biasing of the Mosfet. The BIAS pot should be adjusted for symmetrical clipping at the output but the negative feedback will automatically adjust the bias to match the Mosfet.

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:D even though it works perfectly in the sim i have to make something of my own creation, else i'm not learning so i'm going to try it now with a active current sink since i can use the gate voltage swing to my advantage.

you've won this round *shakes fist*


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