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VERY nub need some help on a project

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Sorry guys Im a VERY nub and I have just started with this led light thing. Cool stuff from what I have read. But it needs to be in lamin terms for me.

Here is what I want to build but dont know how.

I have been looking for a waterproof project box about 4.5"x3.5"x2.5" and cant locate one. Any ideas?

Then , I want to have two seprate sections of led lights with 4 on each side . Which are the ones in RED circles. This is the only specs that I can find .


    * New !
    * In excellent condition
    * Long lasting (over 100000hours)
    * Low Power Consumption
    * I.C. Compatible
    * Intensely Bright < font NewOutdoor Indoor lighting>


    * Source Material: InGaN
    * Emitting Colour:  BLUE
    * LENS Type:Water clear
    * Wavelength: 465nm-470nm
    * Luminous Intensity-MCD: Min:40000cd  Max: 60000 mcd
    * Reverse Voltage:5.0 V
    * DC Forward Voltage: Typical: 12.0 V Max: 15.0V
    * DC Forward Current:20mA
    * Viewing Angle:12

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