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Where does a beginner begin


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Where does a beginner begin.
I would imagine that I'm not the only one who has decided to take up electronics as a hobby so perhaps this topic will be of interest to other as well. I have spent most of my life as a machinist/mechaic operating my own business and now I'm taking nursing but I want a hobby that is intersting and useful at the same time, so that's why I decided to look into electronics. I have just completed one project the E-Stethoscope and now I am starting a couple more but apart from knowing what a resistor is and a capacitor I know nothing but I want to learn about op-amps and how you choose the right one and how it works and how you know where to place what resistors capacitors etc. and what values they should have how can I obtain this knowledge without going to school is there a good tutorial on the net that begins at zero and teaches you these things? or perhaps some projects that should be learned first.

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Hi Steve,

I have recommended and posted this link before and as I still believe these e-books are a valuable tool for the electronic hobbyist (and others) here it is again:
These 6 books are updated from time to time so you should check every 6 month or so if you got the latest versions.
You will find out everything about op-amps and all the other parts involved in an electronic circuit.
Good Luck!  ;)

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