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A Project with a puzzle

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Hello everybody

From my previous topics i knew this community will always help me in solving my problems i face.

So, this time i'm here also with a new problem with Project " Digital Compass".\\

The idea of this project is to convert Analog Compass to Digital Compass.

This will be as folllows:

* Get the analog compass

* Get the seneros required and Test them in eight directions.

* Attached the senseros with the Analog compass and when the needle passes through a senseor the output should give me "1" on LCD Display .

* The problem is with the needle , the normal needle has a tail and an arrow head , when i put in the middle it will pass through two seneros that will give two "1's" and this will be confusing as you know.

I tried to play with needle by cutting its tail or make a hole and i noticed there will be a balancing problem in the needle.

The objective is : to make the needle pass only one senseor and gives only one output without changing the types of senseros i have.

Can anybody helps me with this puzzle.

Thank you

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Put reflective material on the bottom side of the top of the needle and use reflective opto sensors instead of breaking the light. Then the sensor will only trigger on the correct half of the compass needle since it is the reflection back to the sensor that is used as your trigger media.
Hope that solves your puzzle.


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