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Vacuum Fluorescent Tube driver


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Dear friends,

I have built many times the LED Display Digital Voltmeter project and it works pretty fine.
Now I want to build myself a Digital Thermometer using this voltmeter, but I want to use seven segment Vacuum Fluorescent Tubes instead of using LEDs. I have a small problem in constructing the driver for these tubes as they use 30V for the segments to be lit. I am thinking of using PNP switching transistors which will drive the tube`s electrodes. I can`t figure out which will be the best transistor to use for, have you got any ideas? Can you tell me if you have more practical and convinient ideas for the driver? I am attaching you the datashees that I found in the internet, the tubes are russian make, I have got a whole bag of these tubes and I want to make it with these as they are very bright and easily to be read.

I hope that there will be someone who can give ideas.

Deyan Dimitrov

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