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Microwave Transformer


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I have seen what appears to be part of a clamper on the microwave transformer. But I couldn't find the rest of the circuit. And the magnetron is just an empty box.

As a radar tech, I dont think your describing the magnetron in it's whole or your actually looking at the Waveguide.  The waveguide would appear to be an empty "Box" just guiding the RF.

A magenetron would have a cathode in the center, maybe the "Emptiness" you describe is actually the hollow chambers that encase the cathode to trap the electrons.

Either way, not to insult anyone's knowledge, but a microwave, or any system that is using  high amounts of RF's is not something to crack open and experement with. Well, only if you never plan on plugging it again.

One drop of condensation inside the wave guide itself could in fact blow up the unit. The amount of RF being put out, if not directed correctly could easily cause 3rd degree burns, blind you (rf burns to the corena's) or worst case, give you cancer, seriously.

Then again, If you know what your doing, or wont be plugging it back in, have fun
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