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Need Sony CMT-CP2WA service manual

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Hi, I'm trying to find this service manual. The CMT-CP2WA is an integrated double tape deck/cd/tuner. I have found it in some pages but all of them are pay-per-download (and not cheap). They have it at getmanual.com, which is a pay site, and allow to download a pdf page.

There is also another model branded CMT-CP2W (notice the missing A) which seems like the same, maybe just for another market.

There are also the CMT-CP11 and CMT-CP11K. Both of them are pretty much the same as the CMT-CP2WA, only difference is that those have a single deck instead of two. It is safe to assume that both (single and double deck) may share most of the design and parts? (check photos).

If you can't give me a copy, but have otherwise access to the manual, please, take a look at what mains transformer does it use. Mine has its primary burn for an unknown reason after several years of use and because of this I can't even calculate a transformation ratio since I can't test with an ohmeter. I need to know the brand and model of the transformer and also what are the voltages at the secondary (so in case I can't purchase one that is the same I might be able to change it for another with equal characteristics. The rest of the equipment is all right).

Thanks in advance.

CMT-CP2WA/CMT-CP2W (double deck):
sonycmtcp2w1618xl0.th.jpg <-This is mine

CMT-CP11/CMT-CP11K (single deck):

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