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It would be alot easier if this website would allow larger PDF files like 20mb
I find it difficult to help people with such a small size limit. Some datasheets are larger than the limit . Splittring them into smaller RAR files is a HASTLE.
Then you can only put 2 out of 10 or 15 files into a post at any given time. Durring this time the board will not let you post some of them it tells you you already posted your message try again later. I spent about an hour the other day with a Service Manual.

1) Convert the file to a split RAR file.
2) Find all 10 files on the hard drive.
3) Upload only 2 of 10 at a time.
4) wait for the post to open up again.
5) Upload 2 more files/
6) Repeat steps 3,4, and 5 (FOUR MORE TIMES!)


I say we take a Vote on Upgrading the file size of PDF to 20MB

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