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7 Segment LED Counter, Need help!


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Hi Mukhalled,
I haven't used old TTL ICs for many years and I have lost my TTL Cookbook.
The datasheet for the 74LS90 shows an inverting clock input pin 14, so I think it counts each time it goes low.

Yes, i think so too that it should count when it goes low. But it doesn't in the simulating program  ???
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That part model (7447) in Multisim is known to be faulty over a few issues. Even in the latest release it is still not working. They never bothered to fix it. Use a 74HC4543 or 4543 to get it working

Thanks to inform me about the 7447, i didn't find 4543 in multisim so i used 4511 instead (but changed the display to "commen cathode" instead) and finally it's working now ... Thanks again
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