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which amp to build?


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Hi Quincy,
Those projects are pretty old and the old parts might be hard to find. It is too bad the first one has errors that were not corrected. I didn't analyse the second one. Newer designs are better.

Here are two sites with good modern amplifier projects:

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Hi Quincy,

What will the amplifier be used for?

Audio equipment or Instrument amplification?

In the event you plan to build a single channel amplifier for an Instrument; Guitar/Bass etc...
Perhaps, you may desire the aura of tube amplification since it far exceeds silicon concerning instrument amplification.
Should you be willing to give it a try pick up Kevin 0 Connor's famous book which provides a wealth of detail concerning a variety of legendary tube amplifiers.



Search box type = B-891

Kevin is probably the most knowledgable individual in reference to amplification (valve).
Additionally, he will answer any email regarding questions while building one of his designs.


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