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freq VS voltage


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what is the relationship between freq and V?
does the freq really play a big role in power supply/electronics board.

I got a lab test that require me to use a module to adjust the freq form 40 to 70 Hz, then observe the board (on /off).
But i found that the board still can power on when i tune to 2Hz ONLY!!!
and,another test is to adjust the voltage from 100 to 240V.

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Most domestic mains supplies are single phase, either around 110Vac or 240Vac.
The mains frequencies are around 50 or 60HZ.

For example, if a mains transformer was made for the UK, the primary winding would be 240Vac, in the USA 110Vac.
Most mains transformers will work OK, with 50 or 60HZ supplies.

The important point to remember is how the transformer is used, if it has a low voltage secondary, say 12Vac connected to a fullwave rectifier, with capacitor smoothing. The values of the rectifier and smoothing capacitors would be chosen to suit a known mains frequency.

On a lab test you may find that the board will still work, BUT if you tried the same very low frequency on say a domestic appliance, it would most likely damage it!

If this dosnt fully explain, please ask.

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