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I am trying to make a device that will sence a change in angle from a specific point..

Basicaly the device will be placed on the stearing wheel of a car and then turned on, if the wheel is turned the device must sence this and the direction that i has turned, it will then make a loud beeping noise the more frequent the beeps are the further the stearing wheel is off its original position.

So this means that the device must be able to sence the current angle and compare this to the start angle so that it knows how far out the two are.

What kind of sensor would i use for this?

Thanks, Tom

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Analog devices offers a new two-axis accelerometer chip. It can sense angles up to 0,1degrees accuracy in both X and Y direction.

The name of the circuit is ADIS16201. There will just be a small problem using it. It does not have pins, but a so called "Land Grid Array" LGA-package meaning the solder pads are just underneath the device to save room for more parts on the board.

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