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Lighting, LED Flasher

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Okay, So I'm building an indicator system for a designing class in secondary school. The problem is that I can get a normal Car headlight flashing using a 12v Battery, Thermal Flasher and light bulb BUT when i replace the light bulb with a 12v LED light, the circuit doesn't seem to work.
Anyhelp with be appreciated, thank you.

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Hi Mike,

This thermal flasher depends on a higher current to be drawn than the LED will draw to work properly.
Try by paralleling the LED with a normal bulb and they both will flash.
If you need the circuit to work with only the load from a LED you have to build an electronic circuit instead.
Look up (Google)

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Thank you for the help.
I know i might asking for abit too much, stop me if I do, but after having a look at a few sites on how to build a circuit board, I was wondering if you can give me a run down on it.
I have very very little/basic knowledge with circuits and building one with my knowledge is just like hammering a nail without a hammer.

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Well, hammering a nail without a hammer might cause injures to your hand! :o
I suggest you try strip-board for small projects like this.
A good place to start is where they make a circuit just like the one you need and conveniently enough on a strip board! ;D
Here it is good luck!

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