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Simple dB meter driver circuit.

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Dear Audioguru,

thanks for your immediate response. You have sent me the vu meter built around (LEDs). The circuit i need is different.

I mean to say that after the pre-amplifier out, it should be connected and the vu meter  called db meter has the needle deflection, not LEDs.

I hope you understand by now. However, I appreciate your immediate response and guidance.


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I hope I have not clarified properly. Now to be clear I state like this:

Like in an analogue multimeter (the needle deflects, in terms of ohms measurement, voltage etc.). So, a dB meter or the so called vu meter is also like that, in which the needle deflects (dancing) in rythms in relation to the speaker sound. For each channel it is there in the front panel top right hand side mounted unto the tape deck.

I hope this time i have clarified you properly. Hope to receive a reply this time.

With regards,

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The meter circuit posted by MP is a frequency meter

Ooops! Sorry about that Shamim. I attached the wrong drawing when posting. Thanks to RDL2004, it looks like you have what you are looking for. It is still simpler than the one I meant to post. Best of luck with your project!

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I wish to have still more simpler db/audio peak level meter which can be interfaced just at the output of of pre-amplifier wired around BC148, which I had seen some years back, but I do not have the Circuit. Any idea pls.? However, I am very thankful to RDL2004, who has guided me properly.

Thanks to Audioguru, who has been always kind to extend help.

Thanks to MP who keeps me updated on immediate response.


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