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12VDC to 24VAC 4 A

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Hello everybody
I am trying to power a 24VAC Sawafuji compressor for a small camper van refrigerator (like Westfalia).

The Sawafuji Swing Motor need a 24VAC alimentation. I would like to plug it on the 12DC battery.

My problem is how to do I got from the 12vDC to 24VAC? I cannot find an inverter or converter that can just convert DC to AC on the same voltage. And i don't want using standard inverter 12VDC --> 110VAC and using a transformer to reduce the voltage to 24VAC because I'll lose power.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Any help would be appreciated.

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At the link they say:

When an AC current is applied to a coil placed at right angle to the magnetic field, a thrust occurs according to Fleming's left hand rule. This thrust is directly applied to the piston, which then performs the compression and intake cycles.

If this swing motor works with AC, read this at the same page:

In DC-DC converter, a DC voltage is first converted to an AC voltage using semiconductors, the resulting AC voltage is changed to a certain AC voltage with a transformer, which is then converted to a required DC voltage again.

Look at this page:

Is a switching power supply, before the "Ultra Fast Bridge" you have AC voltage, the problem is that you will have to build your self a transformer to output the 24VAC you need and to work with the 4A. But i don't think is just "plug and play", because at the sawafuji page you can read:

・Inverter control

In order to obtain the maximum efficiency using the resonance phenomenon of a spring, it is necessary to carry out the precise frequency control.

I've never worked with this type of motor, so i don't know if you simple feed this with 24VAC will work or if it need something else.

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I don't think that this sound stupid.
It needs AC because is the principle of his work.

I think that this solution comes with a complete package, not just the swing motor, if some one get only the swing motor, without the controlers, this sound stupid to me because it's the same if you buy a chevy car engine to adapt in a Volkswagen Beetle without the central unit, electronic sensors etc, and say "it just need fuel to work.

I was googling around and have found that this swing motor is used by some car manufactures in a eletric air conditioner, the principle is the same, but you will not connect the compressor at the engine, so it will not rise your car fuel consumption.

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