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16V 3.5A from 12V battery (17Ah)


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Hi all.

Can someone please help me. I have an old laptop that I want to make REALLY portable. I want to take one or two 12V batteries and run my laptop from it. The problem is that the laptop needs 16V at 3.5A. Do you have any suggestions on how I could do this? I'm not expert but I was thinking about using some sort of voltage regulator that puts out 16V at about 5A or something. But will my laptop last long when using this battery, because it puts out 17Ah at 12V so it should hold for a while at 16V shouldnt it?


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Ante, I need buid a dc/dc (psu) for my laptop, but article say: "Note that the unit MUST NOT be used with the car engine running" :(
I need run for use my laptop & GPS as route navigator...

I presume this advertise is because the car alternator generate noise and Vp-p rises afecting the regulation.... ???

I tink use um 12V regulator LM7812, but need a Vin > 12 for work properly...

Some else know if is possible change this circuit, e.x. add some filter,choke, for use with engine running?


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